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PY Therapies, an independent Pilates and Yoga studio in Glasgow.

PY Therapies

Pilates & Yoga Therapies

Teaching concentration, control, centering, precision and slow, flowing movement.

PY Therapies

Pilates & Yoga Therapies

Visit our southside studio at 6 Brunton Street, Glasgow G44 3DU or call us today on 0141 637 6349.


PY Therapies has really helped with my back problems.

I have been a client at PY Therapies for many years and it has really helped with my back problems and also improved my flexibility which had previously been a problem due to my working position. Carole is an excellent teacher and knows and understands about all the muscle groups and their function in body movement. The classes are small so she can give people individual attention, to ensure they do the exercises correctly. This is very important when clients have chronic problems or injuries which can be exacerbated by the wrong advice!

Margaret Bridges, Dentist
The journey over the last 6 years has developed me physically and mentally

I met Carole during my rehabilitation following a back injury in 2001. The journey over the last six years has developed me both physically and mentally using the Therapeutic Pilates methods I have become so accustomed to. I have coached swimming for the last sixteen years and have incorporated the methods I have developed with Carole to add another dimension to my coaching. During my rehabilitation I realised that the balancing and realigning elements of Carole's programme could benefit my swimmers in their training.

Carole began working with a couple of my swimmers and we rapidly realised the principles within her programme had a direct impact on the swimmer both in and out of the water

The swimmers became more body aware and could individually maintain their body physically to reduce the likelihood of injury. The Therapeutic Pilates programme which Carole offers within her studio now caters for between ten and twenty swimmers witin two different class levels. I believe this method of cross training allows the swimmers to pinpoint weaknesses within their body during training and works specifically to develop those key areas with the class with Carole.

Last week a swimming coach asked me why I advise an injured swimmer to attend this class instead of going to a Sports Physiotherapist. My reply was simple - this class allows the swimmers rehabilitation exercises to be taught and trained within a class with continual monitoring and supervision. This environment gives the swimmer the confidence to carry out their exercises correctly which speeds up the recovery process. As a swimming coach, if my swimmers can be in the water healthy and free of injury, I know I can assist them to reach their potential.

Andrena Hammond, Head Coach, City of Glasgow Swim Team
Carole is a rare individual with special talents

In January 2002, I was suddenly struck down with meningitis and septicaemia and found myself whisked off to the intensive care unit at Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow where I remained for 11 days before being transferred to the Royal Infirmary for kidney dialysis and further treatment. Needless to say, I was confined to bed for a while (16 days to be exact), unable to move even a finger.

When I returned home one month later, I was 14 pounds lighter, weak, confused and afraid of what the future held, as a sudden illness which is totally out of your control leaves you with a feeling of helplessness.

I decided to resume my yoga studies, but with a different teacher. In my search for a new one, I came across Carole's studio and had a consultation with her. Her expertise enabled her to see in a very short time which exercises would be best for my current physical state and I practised assiduously. I have not looked back since. I am now stronger and healthier than I was before my illness and have been so inspired by Carole's ability to help others, and by her depth of knowledge of yoga and Pilates, that I am now training to be a yoga teacher. She has a huge amount to offer and is a rare individual with special talents ideally suited to this age of heightened awareness of health and well-being.

Lewis Allan, Vocal Ease, Voice and Acting Skills, Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Carole is the authority on Therapeutic Pilates in Glasgow

Without doubt Carole is the authority on Therapeutic Pilates in Glasgow. Her in-depth knowledge, skill and innovative approaches are customised to the individual. I recommend Carole to all our patients at Glasgow Chiropractic as all who attend Carole's classes experience dramatic changes in posture, core strength, stability and overall health.

Dr Matthew Schmerl, Chiropractor
With Carole's help I managed to work up to 8 and a half months pregnant

As an osteopath, my job requires good core stability to protect myself at work. During my pregnancy, I struggled to sustain this on my own and went to see Carole as a client where she helped me use the appropriate muscles through the different stages my body underwent during the pregnancy. With Carole's help, I managed to work up to 8 and a half months pregnant and returned to work when my son was 7 weeks old having been score with full abdominal closure at this stage. Had I not been able to sustain and rebuild the base core muscles through all this, I doubt I would have been pain free as I was through my pregnancy and continue to be so 18 months down the line.

Carole works with the basic principles of core stability trying to re-establish the integrity of the muscles that provide a support to the skeleton (rather than 'locomotory' actions). As a consequence to her application of 'Pilates', I have found that it has been an ideal management and rehabilitation tool for many of my patients with chronic problems. Many of the classes that seem to be available in the 'gyms' are a step ahead of the basics and the tutors are not always anatomically aware which is very important when dealing with the rehabilitation aspect.

Gillian McIntosh, Registered Osteopath, Glasgow Osteopathic Centre
A warm, welcoming and inclusive sanctuary

Carole's classes offer a warm, welcoming and inclusive sanctuary to not only exercise your body but to relax your mind. Carole instinctively knows how to enable you to get the best from the class. Her attention to detail and the focus on you as an individual makes her class one which you'll want to return to week after week. She's helped me with lots of post pregnancy and birth niggles. I've been attending for over two years and it's the best treat to myself every week.

Julie Doherty
I have used Carole Jacobs for more than 15 years

I have used Carole Jacobs for more than 15 years. I am convinced that without her help and treatment I would have been unable to successfully carry to full-term twins without the need for crutches or a wheelchair.

Mylene Scott

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